Annual General Meeting 26th July 2018

Find a copy of our latest Annual Report here!

We were pleased to welcome representatives from Surrey County Council, Spelthorne Borough Council, Bronzefield prison, Health and Social Care and so many other local organisations to our 2018 AGM along with our wonderful Home-Start Spelthorne staff, volunteers and trustees.

The Major of Spelthorne, Cllr Jean Pinkerton attended with her consort Linda.  In her address, the Mayor emphasised the importance of volunteers.  She reinforced her message, stating that “Volunteers are not paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless”.  She thanked everyone involved with Home-Start Spelthorne for all their hard work that continues to make the Scheme so successful and for the difference it makes to so many families.

Home-Start Spelthorne Chairman, Beth Scott, highlighted the achievements of the Scheme and thanked Joan Ponton, who stepped down after so many years as a loyal and valuable Trustee.  Beth and the Mayor presented certificates and flowers to long-serving volunteers and trustees.  The Mayor presented Beth with her certificate to commemorate her 15 years of service to the Scheme.

Joan Ponton steps down as a Trusteee, Sue Price – 5 Years as a Trustee, Geraldine Guite – 10 Years as a volunteer, Carol Folly – 10 Years as a Trustee and Beth Scott – 15 years as a Trustee…Thank you!