Our next Volunteer Preparation Course is scheduled towards the end of 2017.

Safeguarding Refresher training will take place on 26th and 27th June 2017, invitations will be sent to those involved.

Safeguarding Training  It is imperative that all staff, trustees and volunteers must be aware of and work within the procedures of the Home-Start Spelthorne Safeguarding Policy.  Volunteers must be aware of boundaries and must complete a permission form with the parent if they are to have sole responsibility for a child, e.g. taking a child to the park.  It is our joint responsibility to Safeguard children and promote their well being.  Annual up-dates and refresher training will be provided and everyone must attend when invited. Please remember to contact us to discuss any concerns you have using the telephone numbers on your contact card!

Please note:  our current Safeguarding Advisor is Sue Price, please update your records accordingly.

Safeguarding Up-date We have noticed an increase in referrals where families are having intervention from multiple agencies and a ‘Team Around the Family’ is in place.  This requires our Co-ordinators to attend regular meetings and report on the family’s progress.  Many of these families have mental health issues.  Therefore, it is imperative that we are informed of any concerns immediately and that we share information with the relevant agencies.  The families are aware of this.


Coming Soon – Bereavement as well as additional Mental Health training.  Two training days have been arranged and we are looking into training around these two topics.

Volunteers please remember the training we provide is at your request.  Please contact the Office with any topics you would like covered.