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Support and friendship for families

Home-Start Spelthorne

Support and friendship for families

What Parents Say

It is not always easy to demonstrate what a difference Home-Start support makes to a family. The following comments are from the parents that we support/have supported


“Home-Start has made a huge difference to our whole family.  I don’t know where I would be right now if it weren’t for Home-Start.”

“Thank you so much for everything, Home-Start you are amazing, kind, selfless, and you have helped me more than you will ever know.”

Thank you for listening to me, understanding our family needs and matching me with the perfect person.  Our volunteer never made me feel stupid for the way I was feeling, it was like she really understood me, and also how to respond.

“I felt I had made a connection with my volunteer and I do miss her.”

“Home-start is wonderful – checking I am ok, listening while I talked about my son and his behaviour, giving advice gently. Those things are important when you are working with people who are struggling.”

“Having moved to the Spelthorne area due to my husband’s work with a new baby and two other children one of whom is on the Autistic Spectrum we found ourselves very isolated. My Health Visitor put us in contact with Home-Start. The staff were invaluable in their help as we had numerous visits to hospitals and clinics associated with both my eldest and the baby who has developed issues in connection to his development, providing us with transport and emotional support. They then arranged a volunteer, who was able to empathise and provide a lot of support. She was such a great match that I am proud to count her as a friend.”

“When I first got in contact with Home-Start I was very vulnerable, miserable, depressed and lonely following the birth of my 2nd child and family problems. As a result they offered me a volunteer who would come once a week to visit me at home. My volunteer was my rock and my support for a year during a difficult part of my life. I would look forward to her weekly visit as the only part the week when I could be myself, admit how hard life was, cry, talk, laugh. She provided invaluable support, someone outside of my family who wouldn’t judge but offer sympathy, advice and a shoulder to cry on.”

“Home-Start did really well matching me with my volunteer, I am very thankful for this service.”

“Home-Start has given me quality time with my children, and the opportunity to talk about the ups and downs of parenting.”

“A big thank you to Home-Start for your approachable and professional support and I wish you all at Home-Start every future success.”

“My volunteer and I had lots of laughs, tears, discussions about everything and I am now loving being a mum, and also a stronger and more confident person too.  I’m also off the meds now and feeling fantastic.”

“Having someone there to help support me and who is outside of my family and friends was extremely important to me.  Just to be able to talk to someone away from your everyday life, knowing you’re not being judged makes a big difference.  My volunteer is such a lovely, understanding and kind person, and I am so grateful to Home-Start for all their help, at what felt like a very dark time for me.  I am truly enjoying motherhood now and believe Home-Start helped me to do this.  Thank you.”

“Amazing support at a really tough point of our lives.  The support provided was perfect.  Thank you so much Home-Start!!”

“I have the most overwhelming gratitude to Home-Start. Home-Start is the most amazing organisation and I hope to even be able to volunteer myself one day and help someone in a similar situation.”

“I feel my daughter has benefited because my volunteer made me feel more relaxed about parenting which made me feel comfortable around my baby.”

My volunteer was able to make me believe in myself, she gave me the confidence to be a mum to my two children, she gave me tips on managing the house and the children.  She gave me the confidence to enjoy playing and bonding with my children.  Incredible service, can’t praise Home-Start enough.

“Without Home-Start I would have struggled with a baby, post-natal depression and a serious family problem. One year on I am incredibly grateful for the support given to by Home-Start.”

“Our volunteer made an invaluable contribution to our household. She is such a lovely person, so kind, generous and understanding. We all love her and the support was outstanding. Thank you Home-Start for making what has been a very challenging time easier.”

“I would like to thank you so very much for all the support received from Home-Start over the past 11 months, I’ve no ideas how we would have coped without our volunteer she has been invaluable at such a stressful and busy time looking after new born twins and a three year old. Having our volunteer enabled us to catch our breath.”

“Two hours a week allowed me to achieve practical tasks around the house which in turn made me feel more relaxed and able to cope.”

“From the moment my volunteer started, she gave my child a lot of attention, whilst calming me down.  She listened to me, gave me her feedback and encouragement.”

“Home-Start have been a lifeline for myself and my family.  When my father was diagnosed and treated for terminal cancer I turned immediately to Home-Start for help with caring for my children while I helped take care of my father.  Without any other grandparents to turn to for support I would have been lost without their readiness to lend a hand, kindness and compassion at what was a terrible time for my family.”

“My volunteer has helped me so much; she has helped me get back something I had lost.  She has become a real friend who has given me confidence to make friends and deal better with the school playground.”

“You are brilliant at making it ‘ok’ to feel like you are not coping and that it is ok to accept help. My volunteer is wonderful, she helped me through a very dark time. She was reliable, easy to get on with and it is amazing that she would give up her time like that for me.”

“When we were going through hard times Home-Start provided us with an invaluable life line and I would like to say a very big and heartfelt Thank you.”

“I am very grateful for all the support given by Home-Start, from the family groups to day trips it has been wonderful to meet new people in the area and have lots of fun with the my children. As for the support my volunteer has given to our family, I really can’t put into words, as she has changed our lives, with her support, love, laughter, and many, many generous hours given to help us all. She has filled a large part of my life that was missing. Being away from your family is extremely hard especially when you are unwell and have children. Thank you Home-Start you are an organisation that is so needed in our community.”

“My volunteer was a great listener and great support during a very difficult time.”

Home-Start has been brilliant; I could not have asked for more.  I was supported practically, psychologically and emotionally.  My volunteer helped me go to my GP and discuss my PND and to start on medication, I wouldn’t have done it without her.  A wonderful Charity that has supported me through a challenging time.  Thank you.

“Having someone to talk to other than my child made me feel ‘normal’ again.”

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